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Our Mission

We believe that gifting is an art form that is developed through a love for all the pretty little details and an appreciation of the impression it makes. To us, how a gift is presented is equally as important as the quality of the gift itself.

Our mission is to provide the gift giver and receiver equally with the experience and pleasure of giving and receiving a beautifully presented living gift.

My Story

Hello, I’m Helena a self-confessed plant addict and the founder of Succulento.

This story began around 30 years ago when I was working in a very demanding and stressful job. When I wasn’t at work I was spending most of my spare time in the garden and gradually immersed myself in all things botanic. I quickly realised that my new found hobby helped release the stress of my job and provided the mental peace I needed …. and so began my love affair with plants and gardening.

I finally left my job to study horticulture which eventually led me to a career in floristry as a freelance wedding and event stylist until my first child was born. Since then my desire to create led me to web design which I have loved (and still do) until I felt my self drawn back into plants and gardening, my ‘happy place’… finally!

And so Succulento was born, from a love of plants and gifting combined with a desire for simply beautiful and stylish packaging and presentation. At Succulento we celebrate plants as the sustainable choice for gifts and the ongoing joy and harmony they bring to our lives.

We proudly grow, hand craft and source all our products in Melbourne and throughout Australia from small batch and local artisan businesses and select fresh stylish packaging to complement each gift.

Helena x

Our mission

We also love partnering with clients to create completely bespoke gifts for weddings, corporate, real estate and many other occasions. Contact us at hello@succulento.com.au to discuss your specific requirements.

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