Having been an avid gardener and plant enthusiast for several decades you might naturally assume that my interior living space would reflect my garden, lush greenery in various shapes and sizes displayed stylishly throughout….well you’d be mistaken… I have never really paid much attention to indoor gardening as I believed that trying to grow plants in an indoor environment is difficult, high maintenance and un-natural and ultimately results in failure for the most part, plants are meant to be grown and enjoyed outdoors…or so I thought… Thanks to social media I noticed how popular indoor plants were becoming…at first I thought it was just a trend that would come and go but eventually realised that it was much, much more than that… If I was going to sell a range of indoor plants in my store then I wanted to know the ins and outs of successfully growing and maintaining them myself not simply relying on information I see online. So I finally took the plunge last year and started researching, buying and propagating indoor plants and can now say that I am officially obsessed! My small but steadily growing collection of indoor plants is providing me and my family with so much enjoyment and happiness I wish I had started it sooner…I look forward to sharing this journey – my successes, discoveries and failures.