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Inspired by beautiful presentation

We believe that gifting is an art form that is developed through a love for all the lovely little details and an appreciation of the impression it makes. To us, how a gift is presented is equally as important as the quality of the gift itself.

Our mission is to have the gift giver experience the pleasure of giving a beautifully presented, sustainable gift that will impress and delight with minimal effort.

Our Journal

Daily musings and pretty plant things…

The Art of Gift Giving

Regardless of the occasion or how expensive the gift itself is, presentation is the one thing that will either make or break the whole gift giving experience. A gift conveys how you truly feel about the person you are giving it to and how you present the gift is...

Succulent Tips for Beginners

Use soil mix designed for succulents and cactus Only use pots with a drainage hole, don't be tempted to use pots without drainage holes and use rocks at the base to create faux drainage. Pots made from Terracotta or concrete are an excellent choice for succulents as...

Succulent Dos & Don’ts

Although the general consensus may be that succulents thrive on neglect, there are some basic (and simple) rules to follow when caring for your succulents that will ensure that they will stay healthy and look fabulous for years to come. The following dos and don'ts...

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