Plant Care

Tips and tricks to keep your succulent plants happy and healthy

succulent care & maintenance

It’s easy to see why succulents are loved and grown world wide – their low maintenance, easy to grow nature combined with the vast range of colours, shapes and sizes they come in make them a perfect plant for todays lifestyle. The following guide provides some tips and tricks to ensure that your succulent arrangement will be happy and healthy for years to come.


  •  Water only when the soil is dry then give the pot a thorough soaking ensuring all the soil is wet all the way through.
  • Position your succulent so that it receives between 4 to 6 hours of sunlight per day. During the summer months protection from hot afternoon sun is recommended.
  • If you bring your succulent indoors the best time of year is during winter but ensure that you place it in bright indirect for the whole day and water sparingly.
  • When re-potting use a cacti succulent mix to ensure good drainage and use un-glazed, porous pots where possible, like terracotta or concrete, as this will help to avoid excessive moisture remaining in the soil.
plant care


  • Don’t allow your succulent pot to sit in a pool of water. Always ensure the water drains completely from the base after watering.
  •  Water directly into the soil, avoiding wetting the leaves as much as possible.  Don’t be tempted to mist the leaves.
  • When watering your succulent take the time to soak the soil thoroughly not a quick, shallow ‘splash’ of water.
  • Don’t over-fertilise your succulents as they don’t require as much as other plants.  Only use half the strength of the fertiliser, one or twice a year during their growing season.
  • Don’t allow your succulents to be exposed to the hot afternoon sun during summer.