Succulent Tips for Beginners

by | Feb 21, 2020

  • Use soil mix designed for succulents and cactus
  • Only use pots with a drainage hole, don’t be tempted to use pots without drainage holes and use rocks at the base to create faux drainage. Pots made from Terracotta or concrete are an excellent choice for succulents as they are quite porous and therefore excess moisture will evaporate quite fast and keep soil from getting water logged. Avoid planting your succulents in a terrarium as the humidity will eventually cause your succulents to rot and die.
  • Most succulents prefer full sun to part shade and outdoors to thrive. Most succulents are well suited under a patio/pergola or simply under the eaves as during the months of the year where there is heavy rainfall you would be able to control how much water they are receiving and ensure that they are not sitting water logged for any period of time. This will also provide a little protection for frost sensitive succulents over the cooler months.
  • Only water your succulents when the soil is completely dry then ensure that you water and soak the soil thoroughly. Let the water drain completely out of the drainage hole. Over the cooler months where there is higher rainfall you may not need to water your succulents at all if they are outdoors and not undercover.

For more information on succulent care do’s and don’ts click here

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