Haworthia – Zebra Plant

by | Jun 4, 2021

Originating from South Africa and one of the very few succulents that do really well indoors, the common Haworthia species are characterised by their tightly packed, rosette-shaped clusters of spiky dark green leaves which can be covered in white stripes or dots.

The following maintenance and care tips are a guide to assist with keeping your Haworthia plant  happy and healthy for years to come.

Care Guide


Indoors – Bright indirect light but can also tolerate slightly lower light levels as well.

Outdoors – Semi shaded location is best. Should be protected from hot afternoon sun. This species can tolerate shadier spots outdoors more that other types of succulents.


Indoors – Water every 2-3 weeks ensuring that the soil dries out between watering. During colder weather they will require less water. as this variety is particularly prone to rot it is best to underwater and also avoid wetting the leaves.

Outdoors – During the warmer months water every 1-2 weeks and during the colder months usually the rainfall is more than enough although if placed undercover water approx. once a month.


Although this species is not known to be toxic it is always best practice to keep plants out of reach of children and pets.

haworthia fasciata succulent plant in white ceramic pot

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